10 ways to initiate a great relationship with your Pug


1. Pugs are extroverts and social by nature:

Pugs have so many wrinkles in their faces and that makes them look the most adorable creature in the world. It is not just their face that makes them look adorable, they are also very social and get along with everyone from babies to children, adults, other animals and dogs. Some dogs are aggressive but pugs are not aggressive at all. They have the friendliest behavior. Take them out with you and you will see. Every person or children who will hold your pug and pet him, your pug will always respond positively which every dog breed doesn’t. Pugs cannot be guard dogs because of this friendly nature. They are family dogs with friendly behavior with everyone around him. 100% recommended dogs for families with babies. It can be pretty easy to become a friend with a pug because of its friendly nature.

2. Learn your pug’s moods and feelings:

Some dogs are harder to read but eventually, you can understand their feelings and thoughts by seeing their body language. Different pugs express themselves with different expressions but you will certainly understand your pug’s expression more and more with more time. You will gradually know what your pug’s favorite toy or game is, or when he wants to play a particular game with you or want to eat something. When you know it will be easier to create a strong bond with your pug. 
If you just purchased or brought your pug at home, give it some alone time to adjust himself with the new environment. No need to rush yourself, friendship and bonding with your pug will happen in no time.