The Pug

Hi, I am Lucci. I am also called Louboutin, Lil luc and blue cheese. I am four years old. May 6, 2016, is my birthday. I was born in fountain inn, South Carolina. I am a pug and I am white in color. I love cuddling and chinning with my owner and he is my best buddy. I have nice beds but I cannot sleep alone. Actually, I don’t want to sleep alone. I always love to sleep with my buddy. He says that I snore a lot. I don’t think it’s bad. Every pug snores right? I think it’s a lullaby for her.

I don’t want to spend a second without his company. I love her so much and he loves me the same. If he ever leaves me alone for a moment, I don’t feel good. I become desperate to see her again. I always happily welcome her every time he comes home. I feel really good if he gives me attention and love. I love to follow her around like a shadow.

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When the sun kisses my face in the morning, I start licking her and wake her up from sleep. Whenever he starts to watch TV or use his phone, I feel like interrupting. After all, TV and phone cannot be more important than I am, right? I am very playful.

I love humans more than other dogs. Why won’t I? Humans are so good to me. They treat me better than other dogs do. That’s why I just love humans. I get all the attention and love which other dogs probably don’t get. Other dogs are maybe jealous of me. But it’s not my fault that they are not like me. Other dogs and cats must wish they were a cute pug like me.

I love to sleep. Sleeping gives me peace. Whenever I become tired of all the fun and playing, I just fall asleep.

I take a lot of naps in a day. I just love to eat. Even my favorite word is ‘treat’. Sometimes I think we all live to eat. Humans are great.

Ask me why? It’s because they can make different types of foods with different tastes which are really good. I like to eat chicken and cucumber a lot.But anything edible made by humans is good to me. Because humans are best at making foods. I have so many toys but a stuffed hamburger is my most favorite toy. I love to play with it more.

I love to go on a walk with my owner. On the street, I discover new things like street meat. Every time I am on the road, it’s like a new adventure for me.

Finding new things here and there, watching new people and dogs, visiting new places and parks. These are really fun for me. I love the car ride. Going fast on the road, feeling the wind in my face, that’s really something amazing for me.

I don’t like water and that’s why I also don’t like bathing. But it’s also important for me to keep myself clean. So my owner bathes me.

I got comfortable with it. These days I am learning how to swim. I was scared to death. But now I have become comfortable. I think I can handle it. I love to visit my owner in the kitchen whenever he is cooking something. I always wonder what he cooks. Sometimes I sneeze all over my owner’s face. What can I even do? I can’t hold it. I watch TV sometimes with my owner. I love making new friends and my communication skill is great, I guess. I often stick my tongue out. And I hate hot weather