1. Pugs are extroverts and social by nature:

Pugs have so many wrinkles in their faces and that makes them look the most adorable creature in the world. It is not just their face that makes them look adorable, they are also very social and get along with everyone from babies to children, adults, other animals and dogs. Some dogs are aggressive but pugs are not aggressive at all. They have the friendliest behavior. Take them out with you and you will see. Every person or children who will hold your pug and pet him, your pug will always respond positively which every dog breed doesn’t. Pugs cannot be guard dogs because of this friendly nature. They are family dogs with friendly behavior with everyone around him. 100% recommended dogs for families with babies. It can be pretty easy to become a friend with a pug because of its friendly nature.

2. Learn your pug’s moods and feelings:

Some dogs are harder to read but eventually, you can understand their feelings and thoughts by seeing their body language. Different pugs express themselves with different expressions but you will certainly understand your pug’s expression more and more with more time. You will gradually know what your pug’s favorite toy or game is, or when he wants to play a particular game with you or want to eat something. When you know it will be easier to create a strong bond with your pug. 
If you just purchased or brought your pug at home, give it some alone time to adjust himself with the new environment. No need to rush yourself, friendship and bonding with your pug will happen in no time.


3. Be your pug’s best friend:

You have to be your pug’s best friend if you want him to be your best friend. The way we treat our friends, our friends treat us the same way. Friendship is built on mutual trust, respect, care, and love. Care for your pug and he will care for you; love him and he will love you back; respect him and he will respect you. No matter how many days, weeks or years you have had a pug, you can never harm or hit him. If you hit or harm him in any way, you will lose his trust. If you lose his trust, you cannot become friend with him anymore. Without trust, it will take a lot of time to develop a friendship with your pug. Hurting your pug can ruin your friendship with him. If you ever find out that your pug has been hurt by someone else, then take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible and contact the law enforcement agency. 

4. Take care of the pug:

Sweet little pugs need sweet care and love. The same goes for your pug. When you take care of your pug, he knows that you are his best friend. Always make sure to keep your pug clean in his face between the wrinkles so that he always be safe from the germs and other harmful substances. Clean your pug’s fat folds by scrubbing with something clean because they get dirty and smelly sometimes. Also, do not forget to clean his ears. Clip his nails, brush his teeth, bathe him, brush his body and take him out for walking. Give your pug enough water. Make sure to keep him at a comfortable temperature. Pugs cannot tolerate the too hot or too cold temperature. 
When you take care of a pug like this, your friendship with him will surely be the best.


5. Allow your pug sit on your lap:

Pugs were specially bred to make them sit on laps. They don’t understand the concept of personal space. Your pug needs a lot of attention and your company. Keeping your pug alone for a long time will not be good for your pug at all. Pugs need constant company. Give your pug a lot of attention. Play with him, cuddle with him, let him lick your face, let him sit or sleep on your lap. Pugs are not backyard dogs, they are lap dogs. Sometimes, they will do weird things to get your attention and love. Your pug will love your company the most. Giving all the company he needs from you is the best way to initiate a friendship with a pug. 

6. Protect your pug:

Some foods are not suitable for pugs. If your pug eats those foods which he is not supposed to eat then he will have serious health problems. Always keep your pug away from those foods and make sure that he doesn’t eat them. Protect your pug from other aggressive dogs so that they don’t harm him. Don’t ever go out with your pug on a busy road without keeping him on a leash. Your pug can run away to the busy road which could be a huge problem. Pugs are very curious creatures. They can mess up sometimes with things like medicines, trashcans, cleaning products, etc. They can swallow things or go somewhere inside the house where they should not go. This can be dangerous for your pug. That’s why make sure to pet-proof your house for your lovable pug. 

7. Play with the Pug: 

One of the best ways to do friendship with a pug is to play with him. Play whatever he likes to play. He might love to play fetch or puzzles. If he likes puzzles then bring him that. If he likes to play fetch then play fetch with him with a ball or anything they like to play fetch with. If he likes to play any other game with you then play it with him. The pug will love it so much. Take him to play with other pugs which he will surely love. This is how playing with your pug will create a strong bond with you and the pug. 

8. Feed the pug:

Pugs like to eat a lot. That doesn’t mean you should let them overeat. But whenever he wants to eat or whenever it is his time to eat, make sure to feed him by yourself. Pugs can be stubborn sometimes but you can teach them a few tricks and reward them with the food that they love. By doing this, you can be his favorite person. This is one of the ways to become friend with a pug.

9. Take the pug on a walk:

Walking on the street with your pug on a leash is a good feeling for both you and your pug. Take your pug on a walk every day. Buy a good leash and train him to walk with you appropriately in a good manner instead of pulling you along the road. Your pug and you will have a very good friendship with each other by walking regularly. However, a pug needs to walk every day. Pugs love to eat a lot and they are small in size. They can easily become fat. That’s why they need to walk and have a little exercise regularly. Otherwise, they will become very fat which will cause them breathing problem. Pugs tend to have problems breathing when they become fat. Walking every day, running on the park socializing with other dogs in the park and doing a little exercise every day is very essential for a pug’s health. And if you do these then the pug will be your best friend. 

10. Pet your pug: 

Pugs are attention seekers. They are hungry for love, care, and attention. The best way to show your pug that you love him and care for him is through physical contact.  Snuggle and cuddle with your pug for building a strong physical bond. Studies showed that you and your dog will de-stress with more physical contact with each other. And more physical contacts increase emotional bonds between you and your pug. That’s how friendship becomes stronger with your pug by petting him. 

Every pug is the cutest and most adorable creature in the world. Every single one of them deserves a human best friend who will give them love, care, and attention forever


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