Lucci The Pug

Lucci The Pug blog is about living a happy, simple life with your Pug. This blog is my way of sharing all the tips I’ve learned over the years that make pug ownership easier.

The ultimate blog for pug lovers, different tips and tricks to handle your pug. I will give information on my pug Lucci and ways of entertaining them and reviews of different dog products. All passionate pug lovers should join us to gain a better understanding of your pet.

A Pug will give you unconditional love and a reason to come back home every day. However, raising a furry friend is no easy task though it is worthwhile.

This website is dedicated to my Pug Lucci, and my experience of raising her. It includes the hiccups that I faced and what I did to overcome the situations.

So, if you have a furry friend that you need help with, or you are someone who is planning to bring a new friend into the house, this will prove to be a good place to start.

A Pug requires a lot of care. There are several aspects of a Pug’s life that the owner needs to be aware of while raising the furry beast. From Pug nutrition, health, daily habits, smells, to their toys, we cover everything.

Moreover, if you are looking for training secrets that work, we have got you covered for that as well.

Through this, we aim to bust the myths surrounding the species, while educating people about the care these species need. Your furry friend can improve your lifestyle, and you can raise its living standards by several folds with the right care.

Pug’s are beautiful, loyal, and extremely cuddly creatures that only want love and care. It is only fair to assume that pugs are not as intelligent as you, but they do make up for it because of their ability to love.

It is only fair to give some love back to the furry friend who always has your back